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2 January 2009

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23 December 2008

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Plesne vaje ?
17 December 2008

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S55S shack
15 December 2008

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14 December 2008

Recent Comments

Manfred DL2NJ on Dane SM6EGJ
Hallo Dane, hab eben im Internet nach dir gesucht und diese Seite gefunden. Du siehst meine E-Mail-Adresse und du ...

C31CA on Gianni I2ZGC
Hello Gianni , tanti tempo fa che non ti rascolto piu , l'altro giorno ti sonno ascoltato sul RTTY, sonno molto ...

Vojko on Me and Ringo on Italy border
Pozdrav Bosko 73 Vojko

Bosko on Me and Ringo on Italy border
Pozdrav Vojko, sm5xhs

Langevine on Lake of Bled

Langevine on Lake of Bled 01.07.2014

Abdulaziz Marafi on 9K2MU Murtada
I don't know how i came cross your photo. But that was me on the right, 9k2mu son in the middle. I took this photo ...

Dane on 8 element monobander 20m
My homebrew 8 el. monoband yagi for 14 MHz , 20 meters long boom, gain 16.21 dBi, picture taken by Sunset of Midninght ...

Fred on KB3NXT Joe shack
One sharp net operator.

Thomas sm7wys on Gianni I2ZGC
just a line ;Gianni send a short mail to me i lost yours in my 4 time state of qth :)

Thomas sm7wys on Gianni I2ZGC
kids and newbeez this man is a legend on radio, u just dont no it yet,

Thomas sm7wys on Gianni I2ZGC
hey old man where are U ? WE . WELL I MISS U O EU DXNET 40M BAND , u son T

Shiva on Nice dogy
Adorable puppy - I hope he or she likes Shivaès friends . Kind regards Monika

Enrico on Gianni I2ZGC
Ciao Gianni come stai? Quanto mi mancano i tuoi european dx net :-) A presto "on air" Henry IK0YKM

Viewfinder on Jaka
Beautiful A Belgian Malinois, I'm thinking...

Vojko on Jaka
Owner Yu/S51HH Slavko

Vojko on Kaya
Happy owner YU/S50HH Thanks for a nice picture Slavko

Viewfinder on Kaya
Nicely composed portrait of this beautiful dog and its young man.

cv on ON3BZ Alex
joli, j'aime beaucoup ;)

Ronnie 2¢ on YU/S50HH
Falling ill might not be the worry I thought it was . . although I might be unlucky and get the guy with the glasses !

Giorgio on Ingrid
Troppe babe ciao Vojko.

Shiva on Jaka & Ajsa
Great capture of these two dogs who seem to be close friends. Thanks for sharing Monika

Dan on Nice dog
Thanks for staying with me on 21mHz this morning, Vojta Conditions QSB but we managed to exchange reports okay. I ...

Bill Townsend on Allana & Rufus
Nice looking dog. Thank you for the short QSO this morning. I have local pictures on the website listed above. We ...

omid on Allana & Rufus
so beautiful! Lovely!

Mehdi Monadi on Allana & Rufus
very nice.bravo

Lai Chan See on Allana & Rufus
Wow. That's a giant.

Dimitrios on Allana & Rufus
My goodness, this is a small dog, lol, great portrait, happy new year.

Sharon Pleasants on Allana & Rufus
That CAN'T be a dog! It must be a bear! Seriously - great portrait of this beautiful young lady and this ...

pa0bs on PY2COY Caco
hoi i have si you website ferry nice .berend

Callum 2M0YCG on 2M0YCG
Hello Vojko, nice webpage :-) 73's

Black and Decker on Gianni I2ZGC
Only PACIFIC AREA ; * * * * * *

wlat k1qs on K1QS Walt recived special award
The much desired, much sought, most treasured "'Gator Award"

Tataze on Aisha & Jaka
Oh it's beautiful. A mother and her pup. touching

LauraS on Aisha & Jaka
Very cute.

Michael Fresh on Aisha & Jaka
A lovely shot of this happy family moment.

Baldwin VW on Aisha & Jaka
Lovely photo of these beautiful dogs !!!

B. Thomas on Aisha & Jaka
Very cute dogs having fun.

mvno on Jaka & Ajsa
Nice dog, don't be affraid :)

l'Angevine on Jaka & Ajsa
ben j'ai peur de ces chiens

B. Thomas on Happy birthday Ringo
Cute! Happy birthday to Ringo!

B. Thomas on Shack Manager/Guard "Olly" getting a bit of air ti
Too funny. Happy Silly Tuesday!

Karen Politte on Shack Manager/Guard "Olly" getting a bit of air ti
yay for doggies! She is gorgeous!

Lewis on 2M0YCG

Grandoude on KB7OUU shack
CQ CQ DX... This is a hello from 1 4 division... Have a good DX!

IT9AUG on Gianni I2ZGC
Sorry, Highlander......:-)

IT9AUG on Gianni I2ZGC
Just 275 years hold, Highkander on Air.....73 Vojko

Soheil on KB2KJ Remi in Yellowstone park
nice shot well done happy new year

Vojko on KB3KJ and xyl in Yellowstone park
Thanks for all vy nice qsos Remi 73 de Vojko-S51ZZ

Sam KZ2W on Give me a cookie please
With a face like that how could you not give him a cookie?

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